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Roofing, Siding, & Gutters

Roofing Services

Your roof is your first line of protection against the elements. A poor or improper installation can cause issues that may take years to discover. That is why it is important for homeowners to get profession roofing contractors when installing a new roof or even doing minor repairs. At Adams Custom Services LLC, we send our crews and field supervisors to be certified on the roofing products we install. We also monitor quality control to insure roofing products are being installed per manufacturers specifications. Should a problem arise, if a roof is not installed per manufacturers guide lines, the manufacturer is not obligated to pay for the repairs to their roofing products.

At Adams Custom Services LLC, we will shingle over an existing roof (1) layer but highly recommend not to. By shingling over an existing roof, we cannot thoroughly inspect the roof sheathing to make sure there is no damage. Also, it is added weight to your homes roof framing system.

Roof Repair Services

Do you have missing or damaged shingles from high winds? Contact Adams Custom Services LLC to get your roof whole again. We handle all repairs, from a couple missing shingles to major damages from trees.

Types of Roofing Products We Install

  • Asphalt Shingles (3 tab and architectural)
  • Flat Roofs (Rubber Membrane)
  • Metal Roofs